Listen To My Book Launch Live

The big day is almost here.

The official launch of Around The World In Wonder Socks will take place on radio on Friday, September 4th. I will be appearing in the new studios of the North Wales station Point FM 103.1  in my hometown of Rhyl.

Courtesy of the internet you can hear every word. Simply click on the above link and then press the ‘Listen Live’ tab. Select  ‘Having Problems Listening? Click Here’. I should then be coming through loud and clear.

Alternatively, try this link which will go straight through to the on-air programme

You can even be part of it. Join in by writing your thoughts or comments in the ‘Contact the studio box’. Wherever you might be in the world I’d love to hear from you.

I’ll be on air after the news which will be at:

12 noon – UK

1pm – Germany

6pm – Thailand

9pm – Australia EST

7am – New York

If you happen to be in Rhyl you can also come to second part of the launch. I’ll be giving a talk on Around The World In Wonder Socks at the library at 6pm. The wine is on me!


Happy listening,




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5 thoughts on “Listen To My Book Launch Live

  1. Brian Cairns

    Have just finished reading your book. A great journey and an even better read. Congratulations.

    • Thanks Brian, that’s really appreciated. I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      If you get a moment would you mind posting a short on Amazon. Every review helps with the way Amazon position and market the book.
      Cheers and thanks again,

  2. Satomi

    All the best for your big day tomorrow. I’m sure everyone in Rhyl and around the world will fall in love with your voice and your smooth talk! Looking forward to listening to your interview. Xx

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