My New Book Has Arrived

It’s been a long time in the making but I’ve just reached a milestone in finally getting the book of my travels published. Three proof copies have arrived for me to check for errors and issues.

Please have a look at the video below to share in what was quite a moment!

After the vote for a title and a few suggestions along the way, I combined a couple of the most popular ideas. The book is called Around The World In Wonder Socks and it has a sub heading of Travel tales of a Nony – Not old not young, somewhere in the middle.

It will be available through very soon. I’ll keep you posted.






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67 thoughts on “My New Book Has Arrived

  1. Seen snippets of the book …. gud stuff and funny.
    Well done NONY!!

  2. Can’t wait to read the book. Looking at the video, you were clearly wasted behind the camera for all those years.

    • Cheers Duncan. Very kind of you but I think behind the camera was my natural place. Would have needed an audience warning before putting me into people’s living rooms.

  3. Anonymous

    We have kept a space on the bookshelf, next to ’50 Shades of Grey’. Will your book be in this category? Seriously, well done, just reward for the many months of work you put into this project. Look forward to catching up with you back at PS.
    Jill and Brenton

    • Hi Jill and Brenton

      Lovely to hear from you. Not quite 50 Shaeds Of Grey but the book opens with me fighting off the advances of an amorous tribesman in the Borneo jungle. I suspect 50 Shaed didn’t have that kind of scene!
      Thanks for the really kind comments. Much appreciated.
      See you next month

  4. Anonymous

    Wow πŸ™‚
    I watched your video.
    Congratulations and nice to hear !

    • Hi Satu
      How lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your kind comments.
      How is life in Finland? Did you and the family go back to Thailand? Where are you off to next?
      I will be in Norway next May so might even venture over to Finland.
      Very best wishes

  5. Angelika

    Congratulation and thank`s for sharing this momend with us.:-)

  6. Steve Scott

    Hi Arthur, having worked in the publishing industry I can understand your elation with the new book. It is akin to giving birth after that long gestation period!! I can still remember when Margaret Fulton brought in her first and second cook books and her excitement was unreal. Congratulations on a great effort. Kind regards, Steve

    • Hi Steve
      Thanks very much for that. You clearly get it with all your experience and background. I almost didn’t post the video as I was surprised how thrilled I was. But it did feel genuinely exciting to finally see it in book form.
      And now the hard work starts! I’ve got seven author talks lined up here, an hour long radio appearance and some much shorter ones as well. ANd nthen I’ll be bacvk in Oz next month to repeat the whole process. Lucky for me that I’m a wind bag!!
      Thanks again


    Congratulations 😊 looking forward to reading it 😊

    Sent from my iPad


  8. Anonymous

    Congratulations Arthur looking forward to reading the book and seeing you soon Eifion Iorwen and family

    • Hi Eif and Iorwen

      Thanks very much, lovely to hear from you.
      I’m going to be back in North Wales at the start of September to promote the book so will let you know dates and will definitely come and see everybody.


  9. Helen

    Hi Arthur.
    Great to hear from you, and seeing you looking so well, Congratulations on your first book, just placed an order for a copy on amazon, can’t wait to read it. Will let you know what we think. Take care. lots of love Helen and Brian, Enid and Keith Xxx

    • Hi Helen

      Thanks very much indeed.
      I will be up around the beginning of September to launch the book on the radio and at the library in Rhyl. I might be doing an author talk as well so will let you know.
      I’ll definitely be calling in on everybody to say hello. Are you on Facebook?
      Say hello to everybody and I’ll see you soon. I hope you enjoy the book.

    • Helen

      The book has just arrived, can’t wait to get started on it, bedtime reading!!. When you are over in September, Brian will take you for a game of golf in Denbigh on a Sunday morning if you are up for it.Will be following you on Faceache.
      Take care see you soon.
      Luv Helen

      • Hi Helen.
        You are obviously ahead of the game. I hope it is entertaining bedtime reading. Hopefully it’s not something that sends you straight to sleep! Golf sounds inviting but it’s so long since Implayed best tell Brian there will be NO side bets.
        See you very soon.

  10. Anonymous

    Congratulations on becoming a published author. Your book is on it’s way to us from Amazon as we speak. Really looking forward to reading it. Love karen and Tony x

  11. Rod Coles

    Congratulations. You have done it. Rod

    Sent from my iPad.


  12. rob ellis

    Congrats Arthur. We hope you obtain a very successful outcome. I look forward to reading it.
    Let’s have a game of golf when you come home.
    Rob and Susie.

    • Thanks Rob and Susie. That’s very kind of you.
      It took a long time to get it out but I finally made it.
      I’m back at the end of next month, it would be lovely to have a game. Which end of the stick do I hold?

  13. David Bowtell

    Congratulations Mate.

    Good on you.


  14. Dave

    Great stuff mate, cannot wait for it to be available.

  15. Anonymous

    Arthur congratulations really looking forward to reading it and seeing you back home once again Sandy and Pete.

  16. Deb Chappell

    I am so pleased Arthur that the parcel you were opening was not the on-line one you ordered from the sex shop around the corner. Could have been very embarrassing opening that in front of us all. xx deb

  17. Andy

    Should read Ffordd Derwen.

  18. Andy

    Launch in afforded Derwen, next to pool table?

  19. Anonymous

    Congratulations, really pleased for you 😊 can’t wait to read it. πŸ“°

  20. simon waldman

    Fab news, Dad. Looking forward to the Mail on Sunday serialisation.

  21. Congratulations Arthur! I will look forward to reading it once published and where else would you launch it!

    • Hi Angie

      Thanks so much and yes, where else?
      I’m back in the country so it would be great to meet up after a very, very long time.
      If you’re happy just drop me a line to this address with your contact details. Don’t worry, they won’t appear on the website.

  22. Ceri

    Well done Uncle Arthur, we are all really proud of you x

  23. Kate and Joel

    A long time coming and a lot of work! Cheers to you, Arthur. We look forward to seeing your book go on sale and enjoying a good read. All the best from your Philadelphia connection.

    • Thank you my very kind Philadelphia connection. It wasn’t the book you helped me out with… but you’re actually briefly in this one. Minimal appearance fee I’m afraid and I’m hoping not to hear from your lawyers!

      • Kate and Joel

        We realize this isn’t the one we helped you out with but knowing we have a minimal appearance, sent us immediately to Amazon to place our order. No worries about the lawyers! We’re heading to Croatia in early September and plan to enjoy your book during our travels. Nice to see you looking so well, Arthur, and enjoy your visit to North Wales.

        • That’s good to know, just didn’t want to confuse you. If I’d known a name check sent people running to buy the book I’d have mentioned everybody I met on the journey! I think I missed a trick.
          Croatia is actually in the book. There’s a chapter about staying in a hostel after a gap of 30 years – a kind of living hell it proved to be. Don’t suppose you’ll be doing that. But a few others in there as well. Croatia is beautiful. Will email you some thoughts.
          Have a great time.


    Mr P I am so proud of you and just to think I knew you when you were a lowly senior editor – well done xxx I can’t wait to spend some of my BBC pension take care xx Susan

    • Thank you very much Mrs H. Lowly senior editor? And I thought I was very close to almost being somebody 😊
      Are you sure it’s a wise investment for your BBC pension?
      Take care

  25. Satomi

    Congratulations! All your hard work, thoughts and experience are in this book. I’m so proud of you. X

  26. Anonymous

    …and next the red carpet launch 😊 x

  27. Roger Petrie

    Congratulations. Look forward to seeing in in the Best Sellers display at the Bookstores. I assume an autographed copy is in the post. Roger

    • Thank you very much. Best and seller may well be a couple of words that don’t sit too well with it… But you never know!
      Will Skype you tomorrow to hear your result.

  28. Anonymous

    Congrats A…. Looking forward to an autographed copy….K&P

    • Thank you very much. I will practice my autograph. Shouldn’t you be having both hands on the wheel rather than emailing!
      All good here, your house still standing! Enjoy yourselves.

  29. Guy

    That’s fantastic Arthur.
    Well done.
    Can’t wait to read it.

    • Cheers Guy, appreciated.
      I’m back in the UK and will be up in the next few weeks. Book officially ‘launches’ in Rhyl. You can take the boy out of….
      See you soon.

  30. Will and Rache

    Congratulations Arthur
    Well deserved. We will be sure to order a copy.
    Will and Rache x

  31. Matthew Sydney

    Boycat’s still scared you’re going to read him a section aloud again:


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