Your help needed NOW

Hi everybody. It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything on the blog but behind the scenes I’ve been beavering away. You’ll no doubt be thrilled and delighted to know I’ve been busy working on a book.

I am currently going through the laborious, last-minute technical stuff, like actually getting it published. However, I’m in need of some help. I can’t decide on a title. This is where you come in.

Listed below are some alternatives. Please take a look, click on your favourite then hit the Vote button. If you’re not overly impressed with any then you have a voting option for that too – I won’t be offended. You can also add alternatives or comments. The View Results button will show the current voting.

The book is supposedly, hopefully, travel/humour, so I might add a second line to the title to help explain it’s a traveller’s tale.

September looks like release date. I’ll keep you posted when I know for sure.

Thanks for your help.


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55 thoughts on “Your help needed NOW

  1. Steve Scott

    Hi Arthur,
    I used to work for Paul Hamlyn Books. The hardest job was book titling and cover design (other than selling the bloody things!). The title must encapsulate as much about the book in a snapshot few words. How about “Travels of a Nony – Alone but not lonely”. This might placate Avril and the others!!

    • Hi Steve

      Thanks again. I didn’t know you worked for Hamylyn. I should have got you to ghost write it,publush etc etc.
      AGreed on the suggestion. I am actually working on combining two main ideas. One The Nony – good of you to try and placate my sister. Also, you’ve probably worked out, the wonder socks are a recurring theme. That’s why the alternatives were slanted that way. You and I are thinking on the same lines.
      So how long at Hamlyn?

      • Steve Scott

        Hi Arthur,
        I worked at Paul Hamlyn Books at Dee Why in Sydney during the mid 1970’s firstly as their Accountant and then moved to be Assistant to the General Manager. It was a great role as I was involved in the financial evaluation of new books liaising with the Publishing director. I left to join in a partnership with that Publishing director to form a small publishing company in North Sydney before going to Bougainville Island in PNG for 4 years. Happy days!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Good luck Arthur will miss you

  3. Avril

    Its got to be NOT YOUNG NOR OLD!!!! Its the description that is YOU and it fits the whole theme perfectly, ring me when you get back in July and you can make us another risotto, Take Care xxxxx

    • Well if you say that’s what it has to be then ……who am I to argue with my big sister. Very brave of you to ask for another risotto. If you got away with it once you’re chancing your arm second time around. See you soon xxx

  4. Steve Scott

    Hi Arthur,
    You might remember the New York train suspense/thriller movie “The Taking of Pelham 123”. How about the title of “The Travels of Penlington 123, a Weird Ride”.
    Cheers, Steve

  5. Andy

    Another vote for Will Self,sorry have self. Another vote from Rhyl as well. Hope you are well and look forward to seeing you in The summer

    • Hi Andy. Thanks for the Will. He’s not known out here although, bizarrely, I was with a friend a couple of months ago and she bought a book of his in a second hand shop. Sorry I gave you a red herring on my expected return but definitely in Rhyl this summer after a jaunt around Europe. Hope all are well.

  6. Anonymous

    Definitely carry on with the NONY theme but needs the explanation as a sub title.
    Good Luck with the book , look forward to seeing you if you arrive in Rhyl.

    • Hi – whoever you are. Sadly you’ve come up as anonymous so I don’t know. Will definitely be back sometime this summer so it will be good to meet up…..unless I owe you moneu. Thanks for voting.

  7. Vaughan and Trish

    G’day Mate,
    Nice to hear from you again – sounds like all is going well with you. My thoughts:
    “The Nony – Not Old Not Young (somewhere in the middle)
    – The Humour Of Travelling Outside The Square -“

    • G’day Vaughan. Thanks for posting your thoughts. The Nony looks popular…ish. I like your second line, could be a goer. Cheers, Arthur

    • Vaughan and Trish

      Another thought Mate.
      ‘The NONY Files
      Fun travellin’ off the beat”n track”

      • Thanks again Vaughan, I’ll have to put you on commission. I like it. Keep ’em coming. Cheers, Arthur

        • Vaughan and Trish

          G’day again Mate,
          I’ve had another thought – boy if I keep this up the ‘ol head will start aching!!!!!
          ” The Fascinating Fun Travels of Arthur The NONY
          A Not Your Normal Travel Guide”

          Enjoy the upcoming catch up with Wayne and the boys and of course the Test.
          See you later
          Vaughan and Trish.

  8. Anonymous

    I think Michael’s suggestion is the best so far. NONY needs to be somewhere in the title.

  9. Ann Jones

    Hi Arthur.glad to know your well. Can’t wait for the book. Title? Hmm. How about “Through the revered/humble eyes of a NONY.” Take care, Ann and girls.

    • Hi Ann. Great to hear from you and thanks very much for the title – not sure I fit either revered or humble 😊. Hope to catch up in with you in July or Septemebr.

  10. Tanya

    I think Michael’s title is catchy and hits the target market.
    Are wonder pants for sucking your gut in, or do they have hidden accoutrements?

  11. Michael Thompson

    Hi Arthur. How about ” Have self, will Travel ”

    The adventures of a NONY*

  12. Anonymous

    I vote for Dave’s suggestion

  13. Anonymous

    I like the title, but the explanation of what the book is about is essential

  14. Guy

    A Voyage Round By Arthur

  15. Anonymous

    How many times can I vote?

  16. Gaynor

    Thought you’d vanished of the face of the earth……
    So pleased for you, that you’ve finished your book. Can’t wait to read it.
    Hope you are keeping well.

  17. Dave

    The NONY, wandering the world in wonder socks.

  18. Anonymous

    How about ” The wandering, wondering I ”

    By the way,what am I going to win! :-)))))

    Very best greetings and wishes

    • Hi Angelika. Great to hear from you. Hope all is very well in Bonn. I hope you don’t mind but the four of you are in the book. Tales from Corfu. Nothing too bad! I’ll email you as I’m heading to Europe in two weeks’ time and may pitch up in Germany. Big hello to everybody.

  19. Ev Allan

    The NONY is my vote but the explanation “(a world in the middle”)

  20. deb Chappell

    To continue on with Steve’s theme….LOST IN TRANSLATION

  21. Tanya

    Wandering the World in the Middle Age

    • Thanks Tanya. I like it and had something similar in mind but thought it sounded like a history book……might be more offputting than my travel book!

  22. Kate and Joel

    Hello Arthur, So good to see your email and know that you are nearing the publishing of a book. We hope you are well and look forward to the release of your travel tales. Keep in touch, Kate & Joel

    • Hi Kate and Joel

      Hope the American winter is now a thing of the past and you’re enjoying lovely temperatures.
      Great to hear from you. I hope you’re getting ready for some travels of your own soon.


    • I should also have mentioned……’re in the book! Fear not, you come out of the experience very well.

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