My Favourite Sunset Photos

I thought it was about time to give you a break from my words….four cheers all round?

Since I’ve been travelling I’ve seen some amazing sunsets, so I decided to share a few. Photography isn’t necessarily my strength and I only use a point and shoot camera. However, I hope you enjoy.

Just click on any of the thumbnail pictures and the gallery will start in a larger size. Keep clicking to the right to move through.

(Note: If you’re using an Ipad you might find getting the pictures full size can be a little temperamental but it usually works after a few taps)


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17 thoughts on “My Favourite Sunset Photos

  1. Satu

    Voi vitsi miten ihania kuvia 😉
    Voi kuinka olisi hienoa nähdä ne ihan oikeesti !!!
    Mutta ensi talven matka varattu , toivottavasti näemme Khao lakissa ensi Jouluna 😉

  2. Kate and Joel

    Thanks for sharing, Arthur. Your sunsets are fabulous and after the winter we’ve had in PA, they warm the soul! Be well.

    • Hi guys

      I just checked your weather in Philadelphia…..oh dear, you’re still doing it tough.
      I really hope the pictures sent a little bit of warmth. Stay cuddled up or get yourselves a trip to somewhere hot.
      Spring will be on it’s way soon.

  3. Sandra Kiely

    Arthur I wouldn’t be worried about you photography skills, these photos are brilliant.

  4. Anonymous

    I just love sunsets and you have some lovely ones here! Gill and I met you on Tioman (enjoyed the sunsets there too) and I’ve been ‘silently’ watching and reading your blogs since then. Am encouraged by the Vietnam sunsets, including Hoi An where we’ll stay for part of a trip in September. Any insider tips? Keep up the writing. Best Wishes, Ivor

    • Hello Ivor

      Lovely to hear from you. Yes I certainly do remember you and Gill at Tioman – that’s the advantage of small, quiet places. Can you believe that was 9 months ago?
      Thanks for the silent reading and for your post. I’m a little behind on my writing but will get around to putting pen to paper about Hoi An. It’s a lovely place and I have some thoughts. I’ll pm you with them in the next few weeks.
      Best wishes to you both. Enjoy your travels.

  5. Anonymous

    I feel romantic already! Beautiful!

    • Dear anonymous
      Always happy to put people in the mood for romance. Sunsets are a very romantic time. I should know, I’ve been asked by literally dozens of couples to take their pictures at sunsets. The curse of travelling alone.
      Thanks for the post.

    • Vaughan and Trish Rostron

      Thanks for sharing those beautiful photos Mate. Boy! aren’t you having a fabulous adventure – keep on enjoying and all the best from Trish and I.

      • Thanks Trish and Vaughan, good to hear from you.
        Yep, still travelling and having fun. Just making plans for a trip to the Borneo jungle. Not sure if the sunsets are even visible on the floor of the rainforest…..but it should be a lot of fun.
        All the best to you both.

  6. Guy

    Not ONE from Rhyl!
    Surely some mistake!

    • Good point Terrible oversight on my part.
      There again it was grey and damp when I was there. Not perfect for sunset.
      I’ll do you a deal, you get me a sunset shot and I’ll stick it in as a guest contribution.
      Just don’t get frostbite waiting for it.
      Great to hear from you.

  7. Anonymous

    Sunset is too easy! What about sunrise? Great pics.
    Keith and Jude.

    • As it happens I do have a sunrise shot…….but only one.
      Enjoy the skiing.
      Break a leg……..oops, I think that’s what they say for good luck in the theatre not skiing : )

  8. deb Chappell

    Aw shucks you are now showing your feminine side. Velly bootiful Arthur!

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